Yoga Stretches Poses

Ah, the dreaded tight shoulders! Whether it is from spending way too much time in one position at work or from intense physical exercise, it is always a challenge to deal with sore shoulders. That said, it is worth the effort to stretch out and make sure your shoulders are healthy and happy!

Crossover Arm Chest Stretch

Person doing crossover arms chest stretch

This is an amazing stretch for your chest and deltoids. Simply extend one arm across your chest until you feel a nice stretch. Hold for about 30 seconds per side and repeat two times for each shoulder.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Person doing shoulder blade squeeze

This is a great way to help your shoulders open up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and down. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat eight more times for a total of nine.

Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

Person doing cross body shoulder stretch

This stretch is so good for your shoulder rotator cuff. Cross one arm across the chest and gently turn your palm out for the most effective stretch. Be sure to hold for 30 seconds per side and repeat two times per shoulder.

Neck Stretch with Shoulder Roll

Person doing neck stretch with shoulder roll

This is a great way to stretch out your neck while gently working the shoulder muscles. Slowly tilt your head to the side while you’re simultaneously rolling the shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds per side and repeat two times per shoulder.

Prayer Pose

Person doing prayer pose

This stretch doubles up as a great posture corrective exercise. Place the palms of your hands together in a prayer position and gently pull your elbows apart while pushing your chest outward. Hold the position for a few seconds.

Cow and Cat Stretch

Person doing Cow and Cat Stretch

This stretch looks and feels so good! Get on all fours and alternate between curving your spine and arching it, just like a cow and cat. Each time, slightly tilt your head to one side or the other. Do this stretch 10 times.

Doorway Chest Stretch

Person doing doorway chest stretch

Using a doorframe or pole is a great way to get plenty of leverage when it comes to chest stretches. Place one arm just above your head and press your body forward until you feel a great stretch in your chest. Hold for 30 seconds per side.

Upper Back Extension

Person doing upper back extension