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Yoga, the famous combination of physical exercises and spiritual practices has been embraced by many. Said to benefit both mind and body, yoga practitioners worldwide enjoy the opportunity to foster mental and physical wellness. That being said, adopting the practice of yoga can be quite the undertaking and many have grown to understand the following little struggles those in the yoga community can relate to all too well.

Pulling out the mat

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Getting to the class is only half the battle, taking out the yoga mat can be a task of its own. Finding a comfortable spot and then contorting the body in all sorts of positions can take quite the arm strength! As much as it can be difficult to drag the mat out of the bag and from location to location, it’s worth the effort to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Careful Contortion

Once the mat is pulled out, the real challenge lies in the contorting of the body into all the creative poses that make up the practice! Theirs just so much about the practice that can easily catch someone off guard. The extreme flexibility required for yoga can be quite intimidating, and if not done carefully, can be downright painful.

Keeping Balance

an image of a man doing one-legged standing yoga

Finding balance during yoga can sometimes be just as challenging as mastering the contortion! Whether it’s Tree Pose, falling off of a Crow Pose, or wobbling from a One-Legged Standing Pose, finding balance becomes an essential part of a successful yoga practice. Holding a position in steadiness and control can be hard at first, taking practice and dedication.

Sore Muscles

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A complete session of yoga surely won’t come without some after-yoga stiffness and soreness! Stretching unfamiliar muscle can bring a lot of stiffness, to say the least. Even though parts of the body might feel uneasy and unstable, this is just a sign of the body getting stronger with each practice. And, in time, those aches and pains will lessen.

Time Commitment

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Finally, the commitment that yoga often calls for can be a bit strenuous especially for those with hectic schedules. While the physical practice of yoga can be done within a shorter amount of time, the spiritual benefits of yoga come in practice with dedication and consistency. This, of course, requires the commitment of allocating a certain amount of time and energy toward practice.

By understanding the struggles that come with a yoga practice, we can welcome the benefits that come with it. From strength and dedication to flexibility and balance, yoga practice will carry its practitioners to a place of blended physical and mental wellness.

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