Yoga Poses With Three People

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends by showing off some of your incredible yoga moves? Well, it’s time to take it up a notch with the latest trend: yoga poses for three people!

Mountain Pose

A group of three people creating a mountain pose by linking arms

Mountain Pose is one of the most popular yoga poses, and it can be adapted for three people. To enter the pose, have one person stand in the front and two others link arms with that person just behind the front person’s shoulders. All three stand tall with their feet grounded into the Earth and their arms pumped above their heads.

Balancing Triangle

This pose is a bit daring but sure to impress your friends! Try Balancing Triangle with three people, two of whom will be on opposite sides of one person in the middle. The two people on the outsides will stand on one foot with the other foot resting against the waist of the person in the middle. Together, the three people will stretch their arms outward and upward to create the ‘triangle’ form.

High Flying Fish

Three people standing in a row with their hands locked under the person's feet in front of them while they all balance on one foot

Jump into Fish Pose with your friends with this acrobatic twist. Each of you will stand behind the next in a line, with one person’s hands locked under the person in front of them’s feet. From there, take turns hopping on one foot, forming an arched bridge position as you lift the feet of the person in the middle. If accomplished, you’ll feel like high-flying fish!

Impress your buddies and increase your flexibility with some group yoga moves. Challenge one another to master these crazy poses and enjoy some strengthening laughs along the way.

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