Yoga Poses With Partner

Partner yoga is one of the best ways to boost relationship dynamics, strengthen trust and stay active. We know that’s easier said than done, so here are five simple and fun partner yoga poses you can do at home.

Supported Wheel Pose

Two yogis doing supported wheel pose, with one lying down and the other kneeling above, helping to stretch the lower back with interlocked hands

This pose is relatively easy and super gentle, and doesn’t require any fancy postures — just your body and a partner. One person lies flat on their back while the other person stands to one side, facing the person on their back. The person standing then kneels down and interlocks their hands, creating a cushion for the person on the ground to place their head.

Once the head is supported, the person on their back should start to press their upper body up, one vertebrae at a time. The person standing should assist by gently helping the person on the ground to press their upper back up. The person on their back should have their feet flat and their knees bent.

This yoga pose is excellent for stretching and relieving the stiffness in the lower back and is totally doable in the comfort of your living room.

Lotus Table Pose

Sometimes the most intricate poses are actually the simplest. In the Lotus Table Pose, one partner sits on the floor in a well-aligned Lotus position and then gently lowers themselves onto their elbows.

The partner standing should then come closer and bend down to place their forearms crossed under the Lotus partner’s upper back. This should lift them up slightly off the floor and creates a stable ‘table’ for both partners.

This pose is excellent for opening the chest and shoulder area and is a great pose for improved balance and alignment for both people.

Forearm Stand

Two yogis doing forearm stand, with one partner in the air supported by the other’s hands

This advanced pose definitely takes practice and involves two partners. One person begins in a supported handstand while their partner stands facing away and extending their arms out in a ‘T’ position. The partner in the air then takes one hand at a time and places it on their standing partner’s forearms, creating a strong and secure support for their base.

The partner standing should then be mindful, ensuring their feet are firmly placed apart from one another and their entire body is centered, creating a solid base for their partner to rest on.

The partner in the air should also be mindful, paying attention to their hips, spine and shoulders — keeping everything aligned while they take a moment to enjoy this pose! This pose promotes trust and connection between partners as well as an impressive posture.

Pillar of Ardha Chandrasana

Two yogis doing pillar of ardha chandrasana, with one standing with their hands on the other's hips

For this fun and challenging pose, one partner stands erect and lifts one hand above their head as if starting to move into Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose). The standing partner can then extend their other hand to help their partner in the air stabilize themselves in the pose.

Meanwhile, the partner in the air should extend their high arm out and back while using
5 Fun Partner Yoga Poses That You can Do At Home - Jal Yoga