Yoga Poses With Blocks

Yoga has been around for centuries and has given incredible health benefits to millions of people around the world. It is no surprise that the practice has extended to new tools, such as blocks. Blocks are a great way to intensify yoga poses and provide an extra challenge. Here are four yoga poses you can do with blocks.

Warrior I

Yoga pose for beginners where a woman is demonstrating Warrior I

Warrior I is the foundation of most yoga poses and provides an intense abdominal workout. To do this pose, start standing with feet together, then step one foot back into a lunge. Place the hands on the blocks at either side, while pressing the hips forward. Stretch the body up, while keeping the back leg extended straight and then hold the position. To finish, bring the hands back to the floor and step the legs together.

Modified Side Plank

Yoga pose for beginners where a woman is demonstrating a modified side plank

The modified side plank targets the core, arms and shoulders equally. To do this pose, start by lying sideways on the ground, supporting your body weight on the forearm, with the elbow stacked directly underneath the shoulder. Place one block inside the bent knee and lift the hips for a side plank. Lift the block up to meet the stacked hands, then lower and repeat. After finishing the desired sets, switch sides and repeat.

Bird of Paradise

Yoga pose for beginners where a woman is demonstrating bird of paradise

The bird of paradise pose is a combination of balance, strength and open flexibility. To do this pose, start standing on both feet. Open one leg out to the side and place the block on the outside of the foot. Reach the other arm on the other side with one hand on the floor and the other on the block. To end the pose, tuck the back leg underneath so that the feet are beside each other, and lower the torso back towards the floor.

Flip Dog

Yoga pose for beginners where a woman is demonstrating flip dog

The flip dog pose is perfect for core strength and building arm strength. Begin the pose in a plank position, place the blocks on either side of the feet. Lower onto the blocks, placing the hands on the blocks and keeping the core tight. Bring the feet up towards the ceiling, while pressing the arms against the blocks. To finish, bring the feet back down and lower back into the plank.

Using blocks to intensify yoga poses is a great way to challenge your body and build strength and stability. Try out these block poses for a powerful and invigorating workout.

4 Yoga Poses You Can Try With Blocks | HYPEBAE