Yoga Poses With A Partner

One of the most empowering activities a couple can do together is partner yoga. Not only is it a fun and playful way to connect, but it also challenges you to trust each other and work together as a team. There are lots of easy partner yoga postures that you can do at home, regardless of your level of experience.

Supported Wheel Pose

In this simple partner pose, one partner lies on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The other partner stands facing them and places their hands on the floor near the other partner’s feet. The person on the ground then grabs their partner’s wrists and brings both legs up in a wheel pose, which the standing partner can help hold. This pose helps to build up strength and balance.

Picture of a man and woman in a supported wheel pose, the woman is laying on her back with her legs lifted, holding the hands of the man standing over her


One of the more playful poses, the Snake Pose requires you and your partner to start in a seated position facing each other. Each of you should have one foot flat on the ground and the other tucked under your partner’s thigh. You can then lean forward and hold your partner’s hands as you arch your back and press your chest toward each other.

Boat Pose

In the Boat Pose, you and your partner should stand back-to-back. Then each of you can bend backward and reach your hands around to grasp your partner’s ankles and bring your feet off the ground. This is an excellent pose for toning your core muscles, as well as teaching you to synchronize movements with your partner.

High and Low Lunge

The High and Low Lunge is a partner yoga pose that can help you both gain flexibility in your legs, as well as strengthen your hips and glutes. To do this, start in a standing position with your partner in front of you and facing away. The person in the front does a standing lunge and the person behind them places their inner thighs against their partner’s back and does a low lunge. This is a great stretch for the hips.

Bow Pose

The Bow Pose is a great partner yoga pose for developing trust, communication, and cooperation. It requires one partner to lie on their back while the other partner stands behind them. The partner in the back should then use their arms to support the partner’s thighs, while the partner laying down holds onto their ankle. This pose helps to strengthen the arms, legs, and back.

Partner yoga is a fun way to strengthen your bond and challenge each other in a safe and playful way. These 5 poses are just a few of the ways that you and your partner can work together to build strong and healthy bodies. So why not give them a try?