Yoga Poses Warrior

Welcome to another yoga lesson! This time, we’re learning one of the most awesome poses, the Reverse Warrior. The Reverse Warrior is a great movement to work your whole body. Not only does it strengthen your torso, arms and legs, there is a subtle stretch that goes down your spine each time the pose is done correctly. This can really be a great posture to do when you need to stop and take a moment for yourself. Let’s give it a try!


Before attempting the Reverse Warrior, it’s important to ensure that your body is properly aligned. Start by coming into a Warrior 1 pose, with your front foot lined up perpendicular to the back foot. As you come into the pose, be sure to keep your torso facing the long edge of your mat. It’s essential to make sure that your back is kept straight and your core engaged in order to prevent any lower back strain. Additionally, there should be equal pressure in both feet, so pay attention to make sure each leg is getting its fair share of the work.

Standing with legs wide apart and one bent, the other straight behind, arms out to the side in a V formation. How to Do Reverse Warrior

Now ready to take the next step, reach your right arm straight up overhead, expanding the left arm to the side of your body, making a V shape with your arms. Take a deep inhale and on the exhale, tilt your torso to the right, slowly arching the back to the left while keeping both feet firmly planted on the floor. As you extend your arms, feel the stretch that goes all the way up through the side of your torso, opening your chest and lifting your heart. Make sure to keep your shoulder blades back and down during the pose.

After staying in the pose for a few breaths, slowly come back to the starting position, inhaling as you lift your torso up and coming back into the Warrior 1 pose. From here, switch sides and repeat the pose, this time extending your left arm up and right arm out to the side. Practice both sides several times before releasing out of the Warrior 1 pose.

By practicing the Reverse Warrior several times a week, you can stay strong and have a moment to refocus and center yourself on your mat. Try it out and see how it works for you, you’re sure to feel an amazing stretch coupled with an instant mood boost!