Yoga Poses Video

Yoga is a versatile yoga practice that can be undertaken by people of any age and ability level. Whether you’re seeking a fun family activity or some quiet time to yourself, there are plenty of options to explore and enjoy. And, with an assortment of two-person yoga poses, you’ve got even more possibilities to choose from.

Partner Tree Pose

This balancing pose is ideal for two yogis, as it requires synchronicity and concentration. To begin, stand side by side, with the closest leg of each person together. Reach for each other’s hands and slightly bend your knees. Simultaneously, lift your outside foot onto your inside thigh as you look up in opposite directions, using your partner’s stability to assist your balance. Stay present in the pose, breathing deeply and focusing your attention on your partner. Hold the pose for 30 seconds before lowering down.

A man and woman looking up and doing 'tree pose', each with their foot pressed against the inner thigh of their opposite leg

Extended Puppy Pose

This low-key two-person yoga pose centers around connection and compassion. To begin, locate your partner at a comfortable distance, sitting across from one another. Reach for each other’s hands and take a few moments of stillness before slowly starting to lower your chest towards the ground, maintaining connection with your partner through tight grips on each other’s hands. Take 3-5 deep breaths before slowly lifting your chest back up and sitting firmly into the position.

Sleeping Swan Pose

For anyone searching for an intimate and challenging two-person yoga experience, Sleeping Swan Pose might be just the thing. Begin by standing arms length away from your partner. Synchronize your movements as you extend your arms across from one another and lean forward, lightly clasping hands together. By keeping your forward leg straight and weight evenly distributed on your toes, each yogi should slowly arch backwards, keeping your hands firmly grasped until you’re lying flat. Aim to hold the pose for 3-5 deep breaths before transitioning back to standing.

Partner Squat

A less complicated partner pose that’s perfect for yoga novices is Partner Squat. Begin by standing back-to-back, with the feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Simultaneously, reach your hands up to the sky then slowly lower your bodies into a seated squat. Once both people have reached their most comfortable depth level, bring your hands together in a heart shape and look towards the sky while breathing. Stay in the pose for 30-60 seconds before coming back up.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is an enduring two-person yoga pose that involves flexibility, teamwork, and trust. Locate your partner close-by and have one person stand in the middle of a circle formation (while the other person is the support). To begin, the “base” person should squat down, positioning their back against their partner’s stomach and arms around their waist. When ready, the person on top should firmly push against the base, arching their back and finding support in their partner’s waist region. Watch your strength together and aim to stay in the pose for 5-10 breaths before completing the move.

With two-person yoga poses, the opportunity for creativity, exploration, and relationship-building is wide open. From balancing postures to leisurely squats, the possibilities are endless. Give one of these poses a go and create some memorable and calming moments with your partner.