Yoga Poses To Relieve Gas

The sensation of stomach gas can be incredibly uncomfortable. Fortunately, yoga poses can offer relief for an upset stomach and reduce the amount of gas collected in the digestive tract. Through proper breathing and stretches, it is possible to reduce stomach discomfort and gas pain.

Seated Stretches

Person in seated position forward folding Many stimulating yoga poses begin in a seated position. Seated forward bends can help to alleviate gas-causing pressure in the abdominal region by pressing the front tips of the ribcage into the pelvic region. A gentle twist in this position can help to reduce bloating and promote overall digestive health.

Twisting Postures

Twisting yoga postures, such as the Revolved Half Moon, can be beneficial for relieving the pressure of excess gas in the body. This pose compresses various organs and gently massages the digestive tract, helping to stimulate the release of substances in the body that aid in digestion. Additionally, twists massage the blood vessels and organs, creating a more efficient flow of fluids throughout the body and relieving gas.


Person in supported shoulder stand pose Inverting the body has been considered one of the best methods for relieving gas. Shoulder stands, headstands and plow postures reverse the normal flow of gravity and allow for more efficient drainage for fluids, with the pressure pushing them downward and out of the body. Additionally, inversions can help to directly stimulate the digestive organs, further aiding the removal of gas from the body.

Restorative Poses

Person in supported bridge pose If your stomach discomfort is more severe, restorative poses such as supported bridge or reclined sphinx can be beneficial for calming the body and relaxing the digestive muscles. The bridge pose is particularly beneficial for reducing stomach discomfort, as it engages the abdominal muscles and gently massages the digestive organs. Reclined sphinx pose helps to encourage healthy digestion by creating a comfortable environment in the abdomen.

Figure Four Hold

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