Yoga Poses Partner

Yoga is a great way to get healthy, improve mobility, and experience a deeply restful savasana. Practicing partner yoga with your friends can also add a thrilling element of physical connection that you can’t get from regular yoga. From supportive wheel pose to triangle embrace, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Supported Wheel Pose

Partners doing a supported wheel pose by supporting each others in the middle of each other's back to hold the pose.

In this pose, partners support each other with their legs bent in the middle of the back, making sure that the back is supported and aligned. A perfect heart opener and great lengthener of the front of the body, this pose is an amazingly balanced way to focus on physical connection with a partner during a yoga session.

Triangle Embrace

As the name implies, partners face each other and create a triangle shape with their arms. Not only does this require focus and coordination, but encourages openness and trust with your partner. Ideal for another great heart opener, this move strengthens the back and upper body while connecting you with the person you are practicing yoga with.

Twin Trees

Partners standing back to back and using their arms to support each other in a tree pose position.

In this pose, partners stand back to back and support each other in a classic tree pose. This is a great way to build trust and trust in each other’s body. As well as the challenge of keeping your balance, the combination of pressure and support creates a fun, unique physical experience that creates a great sense of connection between both partners.

Adventurer’s Balance

Partners doing a balancing act in a headstand position with one partner supporting the other from the ground

The Adventurers Balance is a challenging balance that requires coordination and balance from both partners. With one partner supporting the other from a headstand position, the other partner balances on the wrists and feet of the lower partner. This creates an enjoyable challenge for both partners to work on together.

Dolphin Divers

Partners in a dolphin pose with their arms bent and one partner lying on the others’ back while they support them with their bent arms.

In this heart opener, both partners bend deep into a dolphin pose. One partner lies on the other’s back with their arms bent and their legs in the air while the other partner supports with their bent arms. This pose is great for strengthening and opening the shoulders, as well as providing a great boost in focus and trust between both partners.

Partner yoga is a great way to strengthen physical connection and build trust with your partner. Thanks to these exciting partner yoga poses, you can now explore the depths of your physical connection with each other in a fun and energizing way. So grab a friend or a partner and get ready for an amazing yoga journey together!

5 Fun Partner Yoga Poses That You can Do At Home - Jal Yoga