Yoga Poses Neck Pain

Text neck is becoming a more frequent diagnosis as technology continues to become more prevalent within our everyday lives. With smart phones, tablets and other devices, we’re constantly putting strain on our necks as we bend them downward looking into the screen. This problem is becoming so common that there are now entire practices dedicated to neck pain relief.

What is Text Neck?

Text neck is a form of repetitive strain injury caused by spending too much time in a head down or looking down position — such as when you are on your mobile phone, typing or reading a tablet or book. It can cause neck pain, upper back and shoulder tightness, and headaches.

Symptoms of Text Neck

When dealing with text neck, you may experience a wide range of symptoms. Common symptoms of text neck include neck and upper back pain, numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, shoulder muscle tightness, decreased range of motion in the neck and a decrease in the ability to turn or move the head from side to side.

A Neck Pain Relief Program

Michigan Sports and Spine Center offers a neck pain relief program that includes a series of targeted therapeutic treatments, which includes manual therapies and specific exercises. In addition to the hands-on therapeutic treatments, the neck pain relief program also offers yoga-based exercises. These yoga-based exercises have been shown to be particularly effective in relieving tight neck muscles, increasing range of motion, strengthening of the neck muscles, and improving neck mobility.

woman practising yogaYoga for Neck Pain Relief

Yoga has been shown to be an effective treatment for several types of neck pain, including tension, strain and stiffness. Yoga is an excellent form of low impact exercise that helps to increase flexibility, as well as strengthen and tone the body. It can also help to reduce stress, which can be a major contributor to neck pain.

Practicing yoga for neck pain relief can help to stretch and strengthen the neck muscles in a safe and controlled manner, providing long-term relief and flexibility for a sore neck. With regular practice, you can gradually increase your range of motion, flexibility and strength in the neck, eventually helping to reduce neck pain and stiffness.

See a Doctor for Neck Pain Relief

If you are experiencing neck pain, it is important to seek help from a neck specialist. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and should not be ignored. Your doctor can sort out the underlying cause and provide the right treatment for your particular neck issue.

At Michigan Sports and Spine Center, our specialists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating text neck and other neck pain issues. We offer a comprehensive neck pain relief program that includes medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. We can help you find a route to a pain-free life.