Yoga Poses Medium

Do you ever feel stressed and can’t seem to find an escape? Well, let’s introduce one – yoga! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert yogi, it’s always beneficial to practice yoga as a couple – and let’s not forget that it’s also incredibly romantic. Here are some of our favorite poses to ease your anxieties and bring a deeper intimacy between you and your partner.

Flying Pigeon

Couple doing Flying Pigeon pose.

Tighten your bond with your partner and free yourselves from stress with the Flying Pigeon pose. The Flying Pigeon is a challenging yet stimulating pose that’s sure to put your trust in your partner to the test. This position opens up your hips and allows for full hip expansion, increasing energy flow and relieving tensions. Make sure to have strong arms and a tight core for stability.

Standing Backbend

Stretch even further with the Standing Backbend pose. This pose is the right blend of intimate, adventurous, and therapeutic. It will increase your flexibility and build strength while calming your mind. This pose strengthens your core and at the same time packs a good challenge. Support your partner in coming out of this stress-relieving backbend so they can reap the benefits.

Forearm Balance

Couple doing Forearm Balance pose.

You’ll feel the energy and trust pour in between the two of you with this stimulating position. The Forearm Balance Pose is a hot Yoga exercise to deal with stress and boost confidence. It combines stability, balance, strength, and surrender. Feel your worries melt away as your body aches with the tension being released. Find your center and feel the energy pass between you and your partner with each breath.

Yoga is an incredible form of exercise that is great for couples to explore together. Not only does it help you both relax and reduce stress, but it also helps guide two bodies into perfect harmony. See how these top three yoga poses can help build your intimacy and trust while simultaneously helping you to lessen the stress in your life.