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Yoga mats- you can’t do yoga without one, the best yoga mats to buy in 2020 are suitable for your home, the gym or even when travelling. Whether you’re a professional yogi, a novice or just looking to get fit, keep reading for our pick of the best yoga mats for stretching and more.

Manduka Pro – the perfect balance of grip and cushion

The Manduka Pro is the perfect balance of grip and cushion. It’s made from 100% natural rubber, which is sustainable and also incredibly comfortable. A unique ‘long-grain’ quality also gives it excellent grip and durability, which is really important in a yoga mat. It’s also slip-resistant and is ideal for hot yoga sessions. So you can really get the best out of your practice. The Manduka Pro comes in two sizes and three colors.

HandsOn Groove – reversible design

The HandsOn Groove yoga mat is ultra-durable, thanks to its recycled rubber construction. There’s no risk of slipping, even when your hands and feet get sweaty. The reversible design also gives you two surfaces from which to choose; one side provides more grip, and the other more cushioning. It’s also lightweight and comes with a carry pouch for easy transport.

Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat – the eco-friendly option

The Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly yoga mat, made sustainably from natural cork. The material is actually incredibly versatile and is great for providing traction in warm or sweat-inducing environments. The textured surface makes it easy to move and grip, while the concave sponges help cushion your spine, wrists, and joints. It’s truly the perfect match for eco-friendly yogis.

Yoga Dice – the ultimate game

Yoga Dice is a simple game that utilizes your yoga mat to keep you guessing. The game consists of five wooden dice, each featuring six postures, and a yoga mat. Roll the dice and use the visuals on the dice to create your own unique yoga flow. You can mix and match postures to create sequences that are as unique and challenging as you wish. Perfect for spice up up your yoga practice and it’s also a great way to give your body a much-needed challenge.

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip – ideal for hot yoga sessions

The Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat is an ideal choice for hot yoga sessions. It’s made from a mix of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, making it perfect for providing traction in sticky environments. The textured micro-fibers provide extra grip and the specially designed mesh helps wick away moisture. This mat also has a slide-resistant layer that helps keep you in place. Plus, it’s made without any toxic materials or dyes, making this an eco-friendly option to boot.

Jade Fusion – the premium option

If you’re ready to shell out for a top
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