Yoga Poses List With Pictures

Yoga is a powerful tool that offers numerous health benefits. Whether you are a yoga beginner just starting out, or an intermediate yogi looking to refine your practice, this comprehensive list of yoga poses can help you deepen your practice and get stronger.

Mountain Pose

Person standing with extended arms up to the sky and feet firmly planted on ground.

The mountain pose is a great way to ground your practice and connect with your body. Start with your feet hip-width apart and your arms outstretched above your head. Take a deep breath and in as you lift your arms to the sky, sending energy out of your fingertips and toes. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground, engage your core muscles bringing your spine into neutral alignment. Move your shoulder blades down your back. Maintain your breath, and hold the pose for up to a minute.

Warrior I Pose

Person standing in a lunge position with their front leg bent and arms raised to shoulder height.

The Warrior I pose requires strength and steady breath. Stand in a lunge position with your knees bent and your arms stretched up to the sky. Square your hips, open your chest and gaze up as you firmly plant your back heel into the ground. Hold for up to 5 deep breaths. Release out of the pose and repeat on the opposite side. This pose increases flexibility and strengthens your core, legs and ankles.

Tree Pose

Person standing with one foot grounded and the other above the knee.

The tree pose is a great way to shift focus and promote balance. Begin standing in a neutral stance with your feet hip-width apart. Shift your weight to one leg and bring the sole of your opposite foot to the inside of your standing leg, carefully placing it above your knee. Bring your hands together in a prayer position and gaze off into the distance. Keep your breath steady and your core engaged. Hold for up to a minute and switch sides. This pose helps to strengthen your legs and increase flexibility.

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