Yoga Poses Illustration

Yogan is a form of ancient exercise that has many benefits to the body, mind, and spirit. It’s no wonder it has become so popular among young and old alike. By practicing yoga, you can improve your strength, flexibility, stamina, and more. Yoga poses can vary from simple postures to complex sequences. Here is a selection of yoga poses to get your yoga practice started.

Child Pose

Image of a person in the Child Pose yoga position

This is a basic yoga position that helps you relax your body, focus your breathing, and increase flexibility. To get into Child Pose, kneel down onto the ground and rest your forehead onto the floor. Make sure to keep your kneecaps in line with your hips. Place your arms down by your sides and rest your chest onto the floor. Finally, rest your buttock onto your heels while keeping your back straight.

Cat and Cow Pose

Cat and Cow Pose is another basic position that helps increase flexibility and mobility in the spine. Begin in an all-four position with your back flat. On your inhale, arch your back and look up. This is the cow pose. On your exhale, round your back and move it towards the floor. This is the cat pose. Repeat this sequence a few times for maximum benefit.

Warrior 1 Pose

Image of a person in the Warrior 1 Pose yoga position

Warrior 1 Pose is a standing position that focuses on stretching the hips, legs, and arms. To enter the position, stand tall with your feet spaced three to four feet apart. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees and bend your right knee 90 degrees. Then, raise your arms overhead and point your fingers to the sky. Hold the pose for a few breaths before turning your left foot out and repeating the pose on the other side.

Bound Angle Pose

Image of a person in the Bound Angle Pose yoga position

Bound Angle Pose is a seated position that helps to increase flexibility in your hips and groin area. Start by sitting onto the floor with your feet flat in front of you. Make sure to keep your spine straight and tall. Then, bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together with your heels touching. Finally, hold your feet with your hands, allowing your knees to open up and your hips to stretch. Remain in this pose for a few breaths before releasing the position.

These are just a few of the many yoga poses that can help you increase your strength and flexibility while improving your overall wellbeing. Get creative and experiment with different poses and sequences to find the ones that best suit your body. Happy stretching!
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