Yoga Poses Happy Baby

When Jonathan and Jill first got to take home their bundle of joy, their bundles of joy was indeed a bundle. With an overwhelming wash of emotions that was difficult to understand, they realized they were now posed with the responsibility of taking care of a defenseless being.

Welcome Baby Coln

A smiling baby Coln, wearing a blue and white onesie, observing clothing

When they first welcomed their son to their home the first feeling that overwhelmed them was that of pure joy. As Jonathan and Jill held Baby Coln for the first time, there were tears of joy as well. Afterall, this was the moment that they had been dreaming of for so long.

Nurturing Baby Coln

Jonathan and Jill took to parenting with stride and quickly learned that they had everything they needed within themselves to take care of their little miracle. Baby Coln filled their home with the joy of laughter, exploration, and plenty of love. They spent the majority of their days and nights nurturing him, helping him learn and grow, and striving to make their home the best place to be.

Growing up with Baby Coln

A now older baby Coln, now dressed in a blue shirt and blue jeans with suspenders, smiles for the camera

As Baby Coln grew older and wiser, Jonathan and Jill couldn’t help but gush over the adorable presence of their son. They watched him play pretend, experiment with his first science project, and even try his first steps. Throughout it all, they learned to be better parents as they navigated the unique wonders of life with their little one.

The Enduring Legacy of Baby Coln

Baby Coln in the twilight of his childhood, now more grown up, stands with a soccer ball

From the moment Baby Coln came into the world, Jonathan and Jill were smitten. As he continued to grow, they journeyed alongside him, watching with awe and admiration. Even as Baby Coln’s childhood comes to an end, their love for him remains undiminished. He will always be the little miracle that continues to amaze them.

Jonathan and Jill's excellent adventure: Life with the first Baby Coln