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Yoga helps you stay energized and balanced, both mentally and physically. Whether you’ve been feeling down and need a natural pick-me-up, or want to maintain a positive, energizing state of mind, these seven yoga poses can do the trick.

1. Standing Backbend

Person performing a standing backbend on a yoga mat

Along with energizing both your body and mind, this pose is also perfect for improving postural awareness and core strength. When performing a standing backbend, be sure to focus on pressing your chest upwards, while also keeping your head in line with your spine. Stand with your feet hips-width apart and slowly bend your upper body backward, reaching your arms in opposite directions. When reaching the end position, hold the pose for a few breaths and then release.

2. Chair Pose

This power pose stretches your chest, back, and spine, while simultaneously strengthening your muscles. Begin in a standing position, move your feet together and rock your weight back towards your heels. As you inhale, bend your knees, thrust your hips forward and slightly open your arms out to your sides. Make sure to keep your knees over your ankles and reach your arms up to the sky or bring your palms together above your head. You should stay in Chair Pose anywhere from one to three minutes and feel an invigorating sensation in your body.

3. Downward Facing Dog

Person performing a downward facing dog on a yoga mat

Downward-Facing Dog is a popular yoga pose that gives your whole body a healthy stretch. From a Plank position, press your feet into the floor and lift your hips, creating an upside-down ‘V’ shape with your body. Aim to bring your feet and hands hip-width apart and press your heels firmly into the ground. Make sure to keep your head between your arms, your hips even and your legs straight. Hold for several breaths and then slowly come back to the Plank pose.

4. Revolved Crescent Lunge

Person performing a revolved crescent lunge on a yoga mat

As the name implies, this type of lunge emphasizes the lateral rotation of your hips and spine. This pose generates powerful waves of energy throughout your body and helps in opening the upper chest and shoulders. Begin in a standing position and step back with one leg and sink into a low lunge. Rotate your back foot out and twist your upper body, lengthening your spine as your bottom arm extends upwards. Once your chest is open, lift your hands and intertwine them in anjali mudra. Keep your legs and hips engaged, twist at your core and enjoy a few breaths in the pose.

5. Cobra Pose

Person performing a cobra pose on a yoga mat

This strengthening pose is great for energizing both the body and mind. To start, lay on your stomach and place your forearms down by your sides, with your elbows close to your ribs. As you inhale, slightly lift your chest, pushing your hips and thighs into the floor. Energetically press the arms into the ground and expand your heart and back. Relax your shoulders away from your ears and shift your gaze up towards the sky. After holding the Cobra Pose for several breaths, come back to the floor and rest.

6. Camel Pose

Person performing a camel pose on a yoga mat

This pose requires strength and flexibility, but its energizing effects are definitely worth it. Begin kneeling on the floor with your legs hip-width apart
7 Yoga Poses That'll Energize You - Camille Styles