Yoga Poses For Two

Yoga is an excellent way to stay healthy, fit, strengthen and connect with your body. One of the best ways to practice yoga is with a partner. Partner yoga not only allows you to deepen your practice, but also encourages communication, trust and cooperation. Here are two great poses that can be done together.

The Standing Bow Pose

This is an energizing yoga pose that stretches the entire body. Stand facing each other and each of you grab the inside of the other’s wrists. Now begins a series of synchronized movements. Each inhales, lifts the arms up over the head and spreads the feet apart. On the exhale, each of you bows forward, with your partner providing the resistance. The neck and shoulders are relaxed, the arms lengthen and the legs are strong. As you inhale, the arms come up again and on the exhale you press your palms into your partner’s hands and slightly tilt upward. This pushing and bowing helps to stretch the entire body. Stay in the pose for several breaths and then rise up again, arms over the head, synchronizing with each other.

Two People in Standing Bow Pose

This pose energizes the body, strengthens the back and improves balance and flexibility. It is also really fun to practice with a partner.

The Rag Doll Pose

This relaxing pose is a great way to release tension and reduce stress. To begin, stand next to each other and hold each other’s forearms. Then, on the inhale, lift the arms up and back while stretching the legs apart. On the exhale, lean forward and allow the body to fold in, with your partner providing gentle support. The arms hang loosely and the neck and shoulders are relaxed. Rest in this pose for a few breaths. Then, on the inhale, rise up and extend the arms over the head, synchronizing with each other, and repeat the basic movements for several repetitions.

This pose increases levels of relaxation in your body by reducing tension in the neck and shoulders. It is also a great way to open up and connect with your partner.

Partner yoga is meant to be enjoyed and explored. These two poses are just some of the amazing poses that can be done together and become a part of your yoga practice. Have fun and explore the many possibilities of partner yoga.

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