Yoga Poses For Two People

Yoga is one of the best exercise that can helps us to keep our body fit. What if you can do yoga with your partner and enjoy the yogic bliss together? It can be very romantic and strengthening for your relationship due to the special time together. Here are two amazing yoga postures you can do together.

Dolphin Pose

Partners doing dolphin pose

Dolphin pose starts from all fours and the partners have to come up from their knees and hips in order to be standing on their hands. Make sure both of you are comfortable and in the same posture. Now lean forward raising the hind area of your body facing the direction of the floor. Inhale in the posture. Hold the posture for 3-5 breaths and exhale while coming back to the original position.

Upside-Down Hug Pose

This pose starts from both the partners standing adjoined to each other and holding each other’s torso. While inhaling take the hands straight up in the air and exhale bend forward. Each of you have to try to touch the floor with your hands. But the main thing to remember is your partner’s hands must remain in your grip. This can be relaxing and can strengthen the bond between the partners. Hold the posture for 3-5 breaths and get back to the original posture.

These poses are extremely beneficial to increase flexibility, reduced fat, core strength and stamina. Apart from physical advantages of yoga, it teaches us to be more open, understanding and trust with our partner. Therefore, yoga is a great act of love that strengthens the physical, mental and emotional bond.

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