Yoga Poses For Two People Easy

So you know what gets me REALLY excited? Doing yoga challenges! Hear me out on this one. Not only do you get to flex your muscles and your balance, but you get to show the world the magical things your body can do.

What’s better than a yoga challenge? A yoga challenge with your own wearable art!

woman in a yoga challenge outdoor wearing her own handmade wearable art

Yep, you heard it here first. Thanks to the wonderous Juliet Dang, you can look absolutely fabulous while learning how to pop a wheelie. Because let’s face it, show them the beauty, flexibility, and strength of your body and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn about yourself.

So when should you do a yoga challenge?

The answer is simple. Anytime you want! You can do it in the morning after your cup of jitters. Or even better, take a break from your long day and block out your evening for some movements and stillness. Any time you’re feeling great or not so great, take a moment and show yourself a little extra love.

Make it a challenge!

Don’t just jump into it. Make sure to plan and make it count. Find the right atmosphere and environment, and make sure to dress for the occasion. Grab yourself some unique and awesomely fashionable wearable art to make sure you stand out, and you’ve got the perfect yoga challenge situation.

Go get ’em!

So, to you, the amazing yoga-warrior-slash-style-icon: don’t be afraid! Go out there and have some fun. Show the world the awesome things your body can do and maybe you can even inspire others to do the same. Don’t forget to capture some pictures, too!