Yoga Poses For Two Kids

Exercise with a buddy is a fun and creative way to stay healthy. Spending some quality time doing yoga poses with a good pal can take your routine to the next level. Whether it’s doing basic stretches or more complicated poses, two-person yoga poses can increase your strength and flexibility together.

Lunge with Twist

This bendy pose begins with both practitioners in a low lunge position. With your front foot planted firmly on the ground, interlock your legs. Take the upper arm of your front leg and clasp it around the midsection of your partner’s back. Have your partner do the same in return. Once connected, twist in opposite directions for an energizing position. This pose stretches the hamstrings, quads and obliques.

Ballerina Push Up

Bringing out both your inner dancer and superhero, the Ballerina Push Up requires strength and balance. One partner stands up straight and holds one leg against the front of your partner’s arm. The second partner then does a push up while the first partner balances on one foot and the arm. The prep pose calls for both people in Downward-Facing Dog; once in position, the partner on the ground performs the push-up with their back in a rounded shape. The person on the top helps to balance while also strengthening their ankle, knee and hip joints.

Camel Ride

A variation on the Bridge Pose, the Camel Ride is a mix of balance and strength. Start out by facing each other both sitting on your feet. Once you’ve interlocked your feet, lean back in opposition towards each other so your upper back is on the ground. Your partner does the same. By engaging your glutes and hamstrings, you lift your partner off the ground and form an arch with your body. Emphasizing the breath and sustaining the pose, try to stay in it for five to eight breaths.

Shoulder Stands

Topping off the list, this advanced pose requires a lot of trust and flexibility. Partner One stands on the ground while Partner Two places their legs on their partner’s shoulders. Partner One then grabs their partner’s legs or ankles and lifts them up into a Shoulder Stand. Partner Two balances on their partner’s shoulders and sways gently for four to five breaths. Partner One should be mindful to have enough strength to keep Partner Two securely balanced.

You and your exercise buddy can reap all the rewards of two-person yoga poses. Strengthen your friendship with the trust and joint effort, while exercising your muscles, stretching your joints and having some fun. Next time you hit the mat, try out some of these pairing poses with a pal.

2 Person Yoga Poses For Kids - Yoga poses for two people