Yoga Poses For Two For Beginners

When dealing with stress, yoga is an activity that can really help you gain peace of mind. And if you are looking for a fun and unique way to blow off steam with your partner, give these three yoga poses a try.

Camel Pose

A couple doing the camel poseThe camel pose is a back bend that opens up the chest and hips – perfect for loosening tight muscles from stress. To do the pose, start on your knees. Have one partner place their hands on the other partner’s lower back. Then the back partner leans back to lift the chest and arch the spine. Hold for five to ten breaths and repeat three times.

Balancing Tabletop

The balancing tabletop pose is a slight variation on regular tabletop stretching. Begin as if you were in traditional tabletop – both partners are on all fours, with their hips and shoulders aligned. Then, the partner in back places both hands on top of the partner in front’s feet, creating a triangle shape. Lean into the pose, pressing down on the feet with your hands, and hold for one minute.

Supported Fish Pose

A couple doing the supported fish poseThis pose is great for opening up the chest and relieving stress. Start by lying on your back. The person in front will loosen their shoulder blades and tilt the chin towards the chest. The partner in back then places their palms on their front partner’s shoulder blades, gently pressing down. Hold this pose for three to five minutes, or until the front partner has finished their meditation.

These three yoga poses can help you and your partner free yourselves of stress. And if you’re both feeling relaxed, don’t forget to enjoy some lighthearted conversations afterwards!