Yoga Poses For Two Beginners

Yoga is becoming a popular way to de-stress and relax with couples, leaving you with more energy, gain clarity and calmness. So, if you and your significant other want to practice yoga together, here are some important yoga poses to help you free yourselves from stress.

Head-to-Knee Pose

Two people practicing Head-to-Knee pose with one of them in front of the other.

Head-to-Knee is the perfect yoga pose for any couple looking to establish deeper trust. It requires the use of a partner to gain the greatest effect from the pose. You can stand in various postures, but the most common option is to stand nose-to-knee.

To do this pose, start by lying down with your partner shore in a “sphinx” position. Bend one leg’s knee, bringing it to your chest. Lock your right arm under the left knee,close to the body, and twist your body to the right. Stretch your left arm back and lock the pointed if you are a left leger and the opposite is true if you are to a right legged yogi. Shift your gaze and focus on the extended knee. Concentrate on the right elbow and exhale to deepen the stretch.

Straddle Splits

Straddle Splits is a great way for couples to stretch their hamstrings and backs. For this one, you and your partner should sit opposite each other with one of you in the front and the other behind. Reach forward and grab each other’s wrists and lean your torso forward, keep your chest open and your back straight. Opening into a forward fold. This allows your partner to expand into a backbend towards you. Keep your core engaged and steady as you both reach longer with every exhale.

Hip Opener

Two people practicing Hip Opener with one of them sitting on their partners thigh.

The hip opener is excellent for releasing tension from the hips area. It’s a simple way to calm the mind and ground the body. Start in a seated position with one of you sitting on the other’s thigh. Move around until you find the most comfortable spot for both. As the legs separate, the chest and lower back should feel the gentle pull. While you both move and align your body, the stretching sensation should be the same for both of you.

Yoga is not only good for the body but it also helps to bond and connect with your partner. Taking the time to focus on each other while doing yoga poses is a great way to create trust, create comfortable conversations and just be there when needed. So, if you’re looking to add some relaxation and stress relief to your relationship, these three Yoga poses will be the perfect solution.