Yoga Poses For Sciatica

Sciatic nerve pain can be incredibly debilitating – it’s intense and can leave people feeling hopeless and desperate for relief. Thankfully, regular stretching and yoga can help alleviate the pain associated with the sciatic nerve. Here are a few yoga poses to help soothe sciatic nerve pain.

Child’s Pose

A woman on her mat, in child's pose

Child’s pose is a deeply restorative and calming pose. This pose stretches the hips and thighs, taking pressure away from the sciatic nerve. Place your legs into the wide legged straddle and bend your torso over your legs so that your forehead touches the mat. Place your arms in front of you, palms facing downward and take a few deep breaths as your body releases tension.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

This pose helps stretch the lower back and outer hips, releasing sciatic nerve pain. Start seated in a cross-legged position and then scoot your left leg underneath your right leg. Place your left elbow outside your right thigh and turn your torso towards the sky. Remain in this pose if comfortable, or twist deeper by placing your outside hand on the floor and resting your bottom arm on your thigh. Take a few deep breaths in this pose before repeating the same stretch on the opposite side.

Downward Facing Dog

A woman on her mat, in downward facing dog pose

Downward facing dog is a great pose to stretch the glutes, hamstrings, calves, arches and heels. This pose can help relieve sciatic nerve pain by gently stretching the entire back side of the body. Place your palms and feet on the mat and lift your hips towards the sky. If necessary, bend your knees. Keep your feet hip-width distance apart, straighten your legs and press down through the knuckles of your hands to strengthen the arms. Take a few deep breaths here before returning to a standing position.

Pigeon Pose

A woman on her mat, in pigeon pose

Pigeon pose is a popular yoga pose used to stretch and lengthen the thighs and hips. This pose is therapeutic and calming as it helps to relieve lower back tension. Begin in downward facing dog. Slide your right knee foward between your hands and bring your right foot towards your left hip. Place your hands on the floor in front of you and slowly lower your chest towards the floor. If your hips don’t touch the ground, you can use a blanket or a block. Stay in this position for a few deep breaths, and then repeat on the opposite side.

By regularly practicing these simple yoga poses, you can ease sciatic nerve pain and help keep your body healthy and strong. Remember to listen to your body, take your time and avoid any painful positions. With consistent practice, you’ll be sure to say goodbye to sciatic nerve pain for good!

Say Goodbye to Sciatic Nerve Pain With These Yoga Poses