Yoga Poses For Relaxation

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body on and off the mat. Not just while physically doing the postures, but mentally and spiritually it helps as well. It’s a great escape and a connection that only you and your experience can achieve. Getting started on a yoga practice can be a bit intimidating though, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone, regardless of age, body type, and level of fitness, can reap incredible benefits from a gentle yoga practice.

Start Easy and Listen to your body

Woman in various yoga poses

When starting out, it is a great idea to begin with some easy poses to help understand the basics. Listening to your body is a very important part of yoga. Stop and breath into a pose that feels too challenging. Relax, don’t force it. The idea is to move mindfully and get the most out of each pose without hurting yourself.

Turn Down the Speed

Make sure to practice your yoga poses at a pace you are comfortable with. There is no competition here. This is a practice meant for you and your body, and no one else. The whole goal of a gentle practice is to move with your own body, at your own speed, to freely express and explore all aspects of movement in the poses.

Pay Attention to Breath and Posture

Breath and posture go hand in hand in gentle yoga practice. Paying attention to these two things can make all the difference in a pose. Match your breath with the movement of your body because the breath initiates the muscle action. Make sure to relax your abdominal muscles and really ground yourself with each posture. Lengthening each pose helps to strengthen the muscles while allowing flexibility.

Engaging and Moving Meditation

Gentle yoga offers longer holds in poses combined with mindful breathing and meditation. Allowing time to go deeper into the pose and slow down the mind’s chatter and embrace a state of stillness. You will move and breathe through the poses, but as a whole will remain as a form of meditative movement.

Suitable for Everyone

Gentle yoga is a kind practice that is suitable for all levels, even those who are just starting a yoga practice. Those who have physical limitations and injuries can also benefit greatly from gentle yoga. With modifications and caution, each pose can easily be tailored to fit your own body. Everyone can benefit from a regular gentle yoga practice, no matter age, body type, or level of fitness.