Yoga Poses For Regular Periods

<p>Periods can be an uncomfortable and difficult time for many women, however staying active and practicing yoga can help improve physical and mental wellbeing during our monthly cycle.</p>

<h2>Power Poses– Cats & Cows</h2>
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<p>Cat and cow poses are particularly helpful during menstruation as these simple stretches are designed to massage and activate our pelvic region, increasing circulation and helping to relieve cramps. To practice cat and cow poses, start from a table top position with your knees hip width apart and your palms flat on the floor beneath your shoulders. Inhale, arch your back up and slowly curl your spine in towards the ceiling. Exhale, draw your belly button into your spine, round your back and tuck your chin into your chest. Continue this motion of arching and curling your back in repetition five to ten times.</p>

<h2>Fierce Poses– Warrior I & II</h2>
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<p>Warrior I and II poses were designed to give us strength during difficult times, reminding us of our power and confidence when we need it most. To practice Warrior I pose, start from a low lunge with the front knee bent at 90-degrees and the back leg extended straight behind you. Square off your front hip to the front of the mat, and reach your arms skyward in a strong ‘Y’ shape. From here, bend your back knee as you reach your hips backwards. Hold Warrior II pose, arms and legs parallel to the floor, with your gaze fixed to the front of the mat.</p>

<h2>Restorative Poses– Child’s Pose & Supported Bridge</h2>
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<p>Child’s pose and a supported bridge are two restorative poses that will give your body a much-needed break when you’re feeling exhausted, over-stretched or need a moment of stillness. To practice Child’s pose, bring your forehead to the floor or a bolster and allow your arms to plunge forward with your palms facing up. Take deep breaths in, and out, allowing your body to release as you surrender into the pose. In supported bridge pose, place your bolster or pillow lengthwise beneath your hips and shoulders and allow your upper body and legs to relax into the floor as gravity brings your chest downwards and lowers your spine towards the mat.</p>

<p>These three poses are a great way to naturally ease discomfort related to menstruation and its accompanying symptoms, whether it be to relax tense muscles, to move stagnant energy or to strengthen and realign. Fitting yoga into our life, no matter the time of the month, can offer us the support, nourishment and closeness with ourselves that we deserve.</p>
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