Yoga Poses For One

Yoga is a great way to relax and find inner peace while engaging your body and mind. When it comes to yoga, it doesn’t require a partner or a friend to get started! There are plenty of yoga poses that individuals can do, either as a form of relaxation or of a good workout. Some of these poses might require a bit more flexibility or strength than others, but with a bit of practice anyone can get started.

The Tree Pose

One person doing the tree pose

This pose really is quite enchanting to look at and amazing to do. The tree pose is also known as “Vrksasana” and is said to help improve balance, concentration and brings stability both physically and mentally. All this being said, it is also a great pose for anyone just starting out, with yoga or the pose itself. This pose will challenge you and encourage you to do your best. To do the tree pose and further your practice, start by standing with your feet together and your arms over your head. Proceed by lifting your left foot and placing it on your right thigh. Maintaining your balance and bringing your arms back together with your palms together (Namaste pose). Hold the pose for as long as you can – not necessarily meaning you have to reach an intense amount of time but feel free to take it at your own pace. Enjoy.

The Boat Pose

The Boat Pose is a great pose to try when it comes to getting a good workout. It is said to aid in stabilizing oneself’s life energy and helps in strengthening your abs and spine. This pose is said to also help in relieving symptoms such as fatigue, asthma and backache while opening your hips and chest. When it comes to doing this pose, sit down in a sitting position with your feet on the mat. Once settled, bend your knees inwards and start to make a 45-degree angle with your thighs, torso and the floor. Reach your arms out in front of you and whilst maintaining the angle, raise your feet up and make sure your back is straight. This pose is great for anyone who’s looking for strength gains and a good core workout. Enjoy!

The Half Shoulder-Press Pose

One person doing the half shoulder-press pose

The Half-Shoulder press pose is a great pose to improve your strength in your shoulders, abs and arms. This pose is great for athletes, wanting to improve their performance and it is also noted for helping to improve digestion. To gain the benefits of this pose start by standing with your feet together and your arms together. Lift the arms up, raise them to ears level, lengthening the spine and keeping your feet firmly on the ground. This will really challenge your core and increased your strength. From this position, you can bend your arms in a ninety-degree angle and start to press up your arms with your shoulders. This is a great pose to also improve on your balance and control your breathing as you hold the pose.

These were only some of the poses that can be practiced when it’s just oneself. There are many more poses and ways to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. It is a great way to connect yourself to your inner self and find peace while allowing yourself the opportunity to better your body and mind. Get out there and start your yoga journey today!

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