Yoga Poses For Office Workers

Working in the office can be stressful! Don’t worry, you can do yoga right at your desk. Stay relaxed and focused while you work with these 10 desk yoga poses.

Forearm Prop

A person sitting on an office chair extending both arms in front of them to prop up their head with their forearms

Forearm prop can help relieve shoulder and neck tension. Make sure you keep your arms at shoulder width and your neck and spine elongated.

Extended Arms

This pose can help reduce stress and fatigue. Ensure your spine is long and your shoulders are down.

Shoulder Shrugs & Rolls

A person in a chair with their arms at their sides and their shoulders raised up to their ears, then releasing them.

This simple pose helps to relieve tightness in the shoulders and neck. Inhale and raise your shoulders to your ears while exhaling and releasing them down.

Ankle Circles

A person sitting in a chair with their legs extended, ankles moving in circles

Ankle circles can help to increase circulation in your legs. Make sure to make circles in both directions.

Spinal Twist

A person in a chair with their hands gripping the chair's arms, feet on the floor with torso swiveling side to side

Spinal twist helps to relieve lower-back tightness. Keep both feet flat on the floor and slowly twist your torso from side to side.

Forward Fold

A person sitting in a chair with their legs bent, torso bent over their legs in a forward fold

Forward fold can help to release tightness in the lower back as well as increase circulation. Make sure to keep your neck relaxed and don’t force your body to go further than it is comfortable.

Chair March

A person sitting in a chair with their feet lifted of the ground, alternate lifting their foot off the ground

Chair march is an easy way to get your blood flowing. Lift one foot alternately with the other, taking care to not lift your feet too high or too fast.

Seated Mountain

A person sitting in a chair with their hands gently resting on their knees, torso and head in an upright position

Seated mountain is a gentle, restorative pose. Sit up straight and relax your muscles. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for an extra moment of relaxation.

Head To Toe