Yoga Poses For Menstruation

As much as people try to practice yoga, some simply cannot bend and twist in complicated, acrobatic poses. Fortunately, even they can still benefit from yoga. Even though they may not get a physically strenuous routine, they can still get its emotional and mental benefits. It is still possible to practice yoga even if you are ‘non-flexible’.

Yoga for Relaxation

Yoga for relaxation

It may seem impossible for one to practice yoga if they can’t practice the physical poses. However, yoga does not need to involve any physical exercise. People are able to practice yoga with the primary goal of relaxation. Restorative and gentle forms of yoga encourage relaxation. These relax the body and soothe away tension. For people who are unable to twist and bend, this is the ideal form of yoga. As it requires very little physical effort, they can still practice specific poses and movements.

Exercises with Emphasis on Breathing

Yoga does not necessarily need to involve physical exercise. For those who cannot bend and twist as much, they can improve their health by focusing on their breathing. By focusing on mindful breathing, they are able to recharge and refresh their body. They can incorporate simple poses and positions to better their breathing. As they don’t have to strive to hold complicated poses, they can focus more on the breathing aspect of yoga.

Allow Some Cheat Days

Allow some cheat days

It’s natural to become frustrated with not being able to practice certain poses in yoga. Despite their lack of flexibility, people are still able to receive the advantages of yoga even if they don’t hold those poses for a long amount of time. Restorative and gentle yogas are ideal for people who lack the flexibility of others. By allowing enough cheat days, one is able to get through their yoga classes and practice.

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey

Even though it may be difficult, it is important to enjoy the journey. Though yoga requires dedication and commitment to succeed, people often miss out on the benefits of the journey. During this time, it is important to embrace the journey and to not be frustrated when results are not seen immediately. By following these steps, even those who do not have flexibility can still enjoy the benefits of yoga.

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