Yoga Poses For Kids

Yoga is not just for the experienced and seasoned yogi. Even kids can join in on the fun of yoga! Doing yoga can help kids develop better balance, strength, and flexibility while they introduce mindfulness in a playful environment. Plus, it can help them calm down and think more clearly in stressful situations. All children, regardless of age, can learn the basics of yoga and gain an appreciation for it. Here, pictures of some of the most common yoga poses for kids that parents and caregivers can use to get kids involved in yoga.

Mountain Pose

Kid standing in Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose is the starting point for all poses, as it helps develop balance and strength in the body. Both feet should be firmly on the ground, with toes pointing straight ahead. The legs should be straight, but not locked. The arms should be relaxed by the side of the body, and the shoulders should be rolled back and relaxed. Kids can hold this pose for as long as they’re comfortable.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose improves posture, concentration and balance. To do Tree Pose, have the child stand on one foot and lift the opposite foot. Point the toe down and press it against the inside of the thigh. The arms can be held out to the side or placed in prayer position at the chest. Kids can start by holding the pose for a couple of seconds and then work their way up to holding the pose for a minute or longer.

Cow Pose

Kid doing Cow Pose

Cow Pose helps improve flexibility in the ankles and wrists. To do Cow Pose, have the child start on all fours. Have them inhale and arch the back and tilt the head up, pressing their hips back and up. Kids should stay in the pose for a few seconds and then relax the back and neck by returning to the starting position.

Downward Dog Pose

Kid doing Downward Dog Pose

Downward Dog Pose helps develop strength and balance and improve posture. To do this pose, have the child start on their hands and knees. Have them exhale while they press their hands into the ground and lift their hips into the air and tuck the toes. Kids should stay in the pose for a few seconds and then come back to the starting point.

Warrior Pose

Kid doing Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose is a great way for kids to build strength and improve balance. To do Warrior Pose, have them stand in an athletic pose with feet spread apart and knees bent. Have them swing one arm up and across their body while they turn the head to look in the direction of the arm. The other arm should be kept parallel to the ground. Kids should hold this pose for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.

Encouraging kids to practice yoga early in life can help them develop physical and mental strength and resilience. These five poses for kids offer a great way for children to get started in yoga. With regular practice, kids can learn to use yoga to calm down and improve their concentration and posture.

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