Yoga Poses For Immune System

As information continues to spread about the novel Coronavirus, more people are turning to immunity-boosting practices like yoga. Yoga not only strengthens the body and mind, but can help build a strong immune system. Here are five simple yoga poses you can practice to give your immunity a boost.

Downward Dog

A person practicing downward dog yoga pose

Downward Dog helps stretch the entire body and calms the mind. It’s a great pose to practice first thing in the morning and helps wake up the body. When practicing Downward Dog, it’s important to focus on pressing the shoulder blades together and engaging the abdominals.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is comforting and restorative. When we’re stressed or overworked, our bodies respond by producing stress hormones, which can suppress the immune system. Resting in Child’s Pose for a few minutes can help reduce the stress and tension in the body.

Locust Pose

A person practicing locust pose yoga pose

Locust Pose is a great way to strengthen the core muscles and increase circulation. As you practice lifting your legs and chest off the ground, you’ll also be strengthening the muscles in your lower back, hips, and abdomen. Doing this pose a few times a week can help improve overall circulation, keeping your body strong and your immune system healthy.

Mountain Pose

A person practicing mountain pose yoga pose

Mountain Pose is great for developing body awareness. When practicing Mountain Pose, focus on standing tall and strong, with your shoulders relaxed and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Regularly practicing Mountain Pose can help you gain a better connection to your body, providing you with a natural immune boost.

Bridge Pose

A person practicing bridge pose yoga pose

Bridge Pose is great for stretching and strengthening the chest, back, and hip muscles. When you’re in the pose, focus on breathing deeply and maintaining the pose while keeping the spine long and tall. Practicing Bridge Pose helps to open the diaphragm, allowing more oxygen to enter the body, giving the immune system an extra boost.

Yoga can help provide your immune system with a powerful boost. But, be sure to give your body plenty of rest and nourishment, too. Eating healthy foods, getting adequate sleep, and doing some light exercise every day are all essential for a strong and healthy immune system.

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