Yoga Poses For Flat Stomach

It may seem impossible to get that flat tummy that you wanted so much, but with the right exercises, you will find out that a flat tummy can be easier to attain than you had initially imagined. For starters, you need to combine a balanced diet with regular exercise to see any result. Implementing both is key, as this will ensure that you stay healthy and in shape, as your abdomen needs toning to look at it’s best.

Low Impact Cardio

woman running

Low impact cardio is always a great way to start a workout since you don’t need any equipment and it’s a good cardio session as well. Running, jogging and walking are among the most popular exercises to get rid of that bloated belly. Begin with a 10 minutes session at the easiest level and then start increasing the time and difficulty as time goes by.


After you have warmed up with some low impact cardio exercise, you can move to crunches. These will target your abdominal muscles a lot more, so that you see results quickly. Start with the regular crunches and move on to twisting crunches and reverse crunches after some time for a more effective workout session. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles taut the entire time.

Yoga Poses

woman doing yoga

Yoga is very popular among those who want a flat stomach. There are a few poses that are very effective at targeting the abdominal muscles, such as the cobra, the plank, and the extended leg pose. Start with the cobra pose as it is not as demanding and then move on to the plank. End with some extended leg poses for best result.

Bicycle Crunches

woman doing bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are an extension of regular crunches. This exercise can be a bit harder as you engage more abdominal muscles. The position is similar but you rotate your knees towards your shoulders and thrust them away again. Repeat the exercise at your own pace but don’t forget to keep your abdominal muscles taut.

Scissor Kicks

woman doing scissor kicks

Moving on from crunches to scissor kicks, you engage more muscles and you add a bit of cardio into the mix as well. Lie on your back, slightly raise your legs, and then move them up and down. The abdominal muscles are essential in helping to control your legs as well as to keep your hips stable. This exercise will target your intercostals, obliques and rectus abdominals too.


woman swimming lapsSwimming is an excellent way to tone and define the abdominal muscles. Swimming is an aerobic exercise and so it promotes a healthy heart too. While toning the abdomen is a good result of regular swimming, you will also benefit from developing an overall stronger and more flexible body. There are various swimming techniques you can use to reach
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