Yoga Poses For Arthritis

Yoga has been prescribed as a form of treatment for many years, but it has recently gained more popularity among the arthritis sufferers. Johns Hopkins Arthritis recently published guidelines for those with arthritis wanting to practice yoga in order to maximize benefits and reduce pain.

Person sitting in side angle yoga position Side Angle Yoga Pose

This side angle yoga pose can help those with arthritis stretch their side body, strengthen their core, and gently open their chest and shoulders. To perform this pose, start by standing on your left foot, lift your right leg up, and slowly lower your foot to rest beside your left knee. Then, using your hips and ankles, slowly lower your torso so it is parallel to the floor. Finally, bring your hands behind your head and hold the pose for five breaths.

Seated Forward Bend

This forward bending position is great for those with arthritis, as it helps to relax the spine and hips and open up the front of the body. To perform this pose, start by sitting upright on a yoga mat. Then, bring your feet together with your toes pointing upward and your knees pointing outward. Then, gently start to walk your hands forward and lower your torso over your legs until you feel a comfortable stretch. Hold the pose and take five calm breaths.

Person doing triangle yoga position Triangle Pose

The triangle pose is great for those with arthritis, as it helps open up your hips and shoulders, as well as improving posture and stability. To perform the triangle pose, bring your feet together with your toes pointed outward and your hands in front of your shoulders. Then, begin to lean to one side until your leg is straight, and your body and your arm are parallel to the ground. Finally, hold the pose and take five calm breaths, focusing on the stretch.

Person reclining in hero pose Reclining Hero Pose

This relaxing pose is perfect for relieving pain and stress for those with arthritis. To perform the pose, start by sitting up on your knees with your hands on either side of your hips, then gradually lower your torso onto your thighs, eventually resting your hands against your back. Then, stretch your feet away from your body and relax into the pose. Lastly, hold the pose, and take five calm breaths before releasing.

By performing these poses as part of a regular yoga routine, those with arthritis can help relieve stress, improve flexibility and range of motion, and provide relief from painful symptoms. Johns Hopkins Arthritis recommends combining these poses and other yoga positions with other forms of exercise, the proper diet, and the help of doctors and physical therapists to ensure the best possible results.

Yoga Poses for Arthritis Patients from Johns Hopkins • Arthritis