Yoga Poses For 3

At times, practicing yoga alone may feel isolating. For most people, it helps to have a loved one or friend with them during their practice. If you have a group of people wanting to practice yoga, then try out some of these fun partner or group yoga poses for 3!

Partner lunge:

Image of a group doing the partner lunge group yoga pose

This pose starts with you and another person facing each other. Then step into a lunge position, holding hands. Both legs should be straight and supported by your core muscles. Reach your arms over your heads, elongating your spine. This pose helps stretch common problem areas such as your IT band, hips, and quads.

Chair hold:

The Chair Hold is a fantastic pose for strengthening your core muscles as well as stretching your shoulders and opening your chest. Begin in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Reach your arms behind you and grab your left wrist with your right hand, while simultaneously reaching your right arm up and back. Then, twisting your torso to the right, slide your right hand down your back and grab the right elbow with your left hand. Inhale and exhale deeply and repeat on the other side.

Kneeling Warrior:

Image of a group doing the kneeling warrior group yoga pose

The Kneeling Warrior is great for stretching the hip flexors and strengthening the legs and core. Begin by kneeling on one knee and cross one foot over and in front of the opposite thigh. Reach for the sky and bring your hands together in prayer position. Inhale and exhale deeply, feeling a good stretch in your hip flexors. To deepen the stretch, lean your torso slightly forward.

Tree pose:

Image of a group doing the tree pose group yoga pose

Another fun partner pose is the Tree Pose. This pose joint practices balance, strength and meditation. To do the pose, stand back-to-back and interlock your arms. Opening your arms out, press into one another and reach the crown of your head up. You can also use your group members to deepen the stretch by pressing your arms out and pressing against one another.


Image of a group doing the tabletop group yoga pose

The Tabletop is a grounding and strengthening group pose. Begin by having your group members sit facing each other in a cross-legged position. Each person should rest their forearms on the other’s knee and clasp hands with the opposite partner. Pressing into each other, practice mindful breathing together for two minutes or longer. To come out of the pose, lightly nod your head in gratitude to your partners and thank them for the practice.

As you can see, practicing yoga with your friends or loved ones can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only do you enjoy one another’s support, but you can also deepen each other’s practice. Whether you’re in a class or practicing at home, use these fun partner and group yoga poses for 3 to practice yoga with your tribe!

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