Yoga Poses For 3 People

Yoga can provide a respite from the stresses of everyday life, no matter what your background is. So, why not make it a team building experience? We’ve gathered some yoga poses that require three people so you can give it a go.

Butterfly Wings

three people doing a butterfly wings poseGather with each person standing side by side, bodies and arms touching. Then, each partner should slowly lean forward and press their palms together, stretching their arms until they are fully extended, creating a wingspan

This pose not only promotes teamwork but also encourages flexibility and balance in the whole body. It’s a great way to practice deep breathing and finding a way to connect on a physical level with your partners.

Virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana III is a balancing pose that requires two teammates to provide stability and counterbalance. Have two people form a triangle pose, with the third person standing in between one of the other two. The third person then extends their arms forward and angles them at opposite sides of the triangle.

Lastly, the third person shifts their weight forward onto their two supporting teammates to form the full pose. Working with two other partners helps build trust while improving focus and balance. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and your team mates.

Boat Pose Variation

three people in boat pose variationThe boat pose variation is an advanced pose and looks exciting for couples or trios. The third person joining the pair kneels behind the other two. Then, the trio should lean back, using each other’s belly and feet for support. Each person should also lift their feet off of the ground and extend their arms forward while holding each other’s hands.

This pose promotes strength, balance and confidence. Embracing and leaning against each other to get into a deeper stretch is a calming activity. Plus, it feels great afterward to enjoy the moment with a moment of relaxation.

Tree Pose Variation

three people in tree poseThe tree pose variation is a challenging and fun pose that can be great for teams. Two people should stand side by side, and both partner standing on one foot, knee bent. The third person stands in front with their feet slightly apart and straight. The third partner then places each of their hands on the standing partner’s foot and holds their torso straight with palms facing one another.

This pose requires steady focus to balance and stay still. It helps the teammates build core strength and develop patience with each other. Working on this pose will lighten the mood and give you a good laugh as you try to stay balanced.

Group yoga poses are a great way to bring your team closer together and find new ways to work together. It also helps build strength in the body and encourages deeper breathing for a better mental state. So why not give some of these poses a try?

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