Yoga Poses For 3 Easy

Do you have more than two people and want to get creative with your yoga practice? There’s no need to go it alone. When you’re ready to switch up your yoga practice and have some fun, try a few of these awesome three-person yoga poses that take you to the next level.

1. Three-Leg Dog

This pose is a great way to start any practice with three people. One person is in a downward-facing dog, one person stands behind them in the same pose, and the third person stands facing them. The two people in the back hold the hands of the person in front.

Three people in the three-leg dog pose.

2. Three-Legged Wheel

This advanced pose requires three people in wheel pose. The center person will lift one leg and bring it to the chest. The other two people will support the lifted leg with their hands, providing balance.

3. Three-Person Chair Pose

This pose is perfect for anyone who loves chair pose and wants to add a twist. One person stands in chair pose while two people stand facing the person in chair. The two people in front reach under the standing person’s arms and link their hands for balance.

4. Three-Person Triangle

This fun pose involves one person in triangle pose, with their arms opening up to the side. The two other people stand to the side and place their hands over the person in the triangle pose’s for support.

5. Three-Person Chair Twist

For those looking to add a little twist to their practice, this pose is perfect. One person stands in chair pose and opens their arms up, while two other people stand by the person’s sides. The two people to the side hold the chair pose person’s hands and twist the person standing in chair toward them, opening up the rib cage.

6. Three Person Sideways Bridge

This pose is a great way to work on balancing, strengthening, and coordination. One person starts in a bridge, then two people stand on either side of the person in the bridge, facing each other. The two people hold the person in bridge’s feet for support.

7. Three-Person Wheel Plank

This endurance-based pose is a great way to work on your balance and strength. One person comes to a modified wheel pose, with their feet against the wall and their body in a plank pose. Two people stand on either side of the person in plank pose and hold their hands for support.

8. Three-Person Handstand

If you’re feeling adventurous, this pose is the ultimate challenge. One person stands in a handstand and the two people stand behind them and support them by holding their legs. With a lot of practice and dedication, you can understand how to do a three-person handstand.

With these eight poses, you now have enough yoga poses for your next practice with three people. Not only are they challenging, but also fun and inspiring. So try out one, two, or all eight poses the next time you have a group of friends ready for some yoga.

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