Yoga Poses For 2 Persons

Yoga, an ancient exercise that has become incredibly popular in recent times, is known to both unify minds and bodies. As with all forms of exercise, there are both individual and two-person poses that add difficulty, variety, and social interaction to the practice. With two people, yoga can provide a great opportunity to both bond with a partner and build strength and confidence in each other.


A man and woman performing the yoga position, Butterfly

Starting seated, the poses of this two-person yoga position result in a butterfly-like appearance, which is where the name comes from. One partner sits upright while the other gently drapes their legs over their partner’s torso. The rising partner then alternates between gentle up and down motions and sideways twists, similar to a butterfly’s flapping wings.

Standing Splits

This relatively easy yoga pose for two, Standing Splits, works best when both partners are of equal height. One partner stands behind the other, flexing their arms around them to provide support and balance. The standing partner then lifts the other’s leg, reaching as far as their flexibility will allow. To increase the difficulty, both partners can bend their knees and come down into a deep squat or lunge.


A man and woman performing the yoga position, Chair

Rather than providing support to one another, this yoga pose puts both partners in a position of balance. Starting in a lunge, both partners raise their arms, until the partner in the back lifts their partner up into a chair stance. The partner in front then holds the other’s wrist for support, and both partners move their arms downward to steady themselves. This yoga pose is also a great way to build in breathing exercises as both partners inhale and exhale in tandem.

Boat Pose

A man and woman performing the yoga position, Boat Pose

This two-person pose requires both partners to engage their core and shoulder muscles while practicing some balance. Beginning in a seated position with legs tucked close, one partner leans into a backbend and lifts the legs into the air. The other partner will then help keep them steady, while lifting their legs off the ground. This pose is a great way to build endurance and muscles in both partners.

Yoga is a great way for two people to bond, whether through friends, family, or a romantic partner. Practicing two-person poses increases confidence, strengthens the muscles, and provides the chance to build trust with another. To reap the full benefits of yoga, try these and other two-person poses.

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