Yoga Poses For 2 Friends

Yoga is an age-old practice that is practiced all over the world. While it’s typically seen as an individual practice, yoga can actually be a great way to connect with friends and family, as well as to explore partner yoga. From being creative with double yoga poses to deepening your relationship with your partner, partner yoga poses can open the door to new ways of exploring yoga and connection. Below are seven easy yoga poses that you can do with a partner.

1. Double Downward Dog

A couple in double Downward dog pose

This pose is a variation of the classic downward facing dog pose. With your partner’s assistance, you can start in traditional Downward Dog, then have your partner move to stand over you, matching your arms and legs. This allows you to open up your shoulders and chest more, and stretch your hamstrings deeper. You can both come out of the pose together or have one person come out a few breaths before the other.

2. Partner Triangle Pose

This is a great variation of the Triangle Pose. To come into the pose, stand near one another and clasp your hands together up over your heads. Then, stand with your feet firmly planted and take turns leaning strongly away from each other. You should feel a wonderful, simultaneous stretch along both sides of your body.

3. Double Plank

A couple in Double Plank Pose

This variation of the Plank Pose needs both partners to be quite strong. To come into the pose, have one person in a Push Up Pose and the other person placing their feet onto their partner’s back. Both can then lower down in sync, and use the power of both bodies to stay up in the pose. Make sure to strengthen your core to keep your lower back from sagging.

4. Double Boat Pose

A couple in Double Boat Pose

This variation of the Boat Pose is a great way to strengthen your core and work as a team. To come into the pose, you and your partner will want to sit down, back to back and facing opposite directions. Lift your feet off the ground and clasp your hands together under your knees. Balancing on each other, lift your buttocks and reach your arms forward, while your partner will do the same.

5. Partner Pigeon

A couple in Partner Pidgeon Pose

This variation of the classic Pigeon Pose is a great way to get a deeper backbend to open your chest. This pose is a great way to explore giving and receiving support from a partner. To come into the pose, one person should come into one side of Pigeon Pose. The other person can then move behind them and wrap their arms around them for support.

6. Partner Wheel

A couple in Partner Wheel Pose

This pose is a variation of the traditional Wheel Pose. To come into the pose, the first person should lie down on the ground and bend their legs, bringing their feet close to their buttocks. The second person should then stand over them and hold their partner’s legs while they arch their back and lift their chest up through the Wheel Pose. The second person can also keep pressing their partner’s feet into the ground to help them stay supported.

7. Handstand