Yoga Poses For 2 Friends Easy

Making time to take care of yourself is more important than ever. Whether you’re stuck inside or looking to wind down your day, incorporating yoga into your routine can be an excellent way to help manage stress and refocus. Plus, it doesn’t have to be done alone! With the right two people poses, you can practice yoga with your partner, friend, or family member.

Partner Warrior I

The Partner Warrior I combines the classic Warrior I with a twist that use both partners. Start facing each other and place your left arms around your partner’s waist, being careful not to pull too hard. Both partners should then stand with their feet slightly apart, about hip width apart, and palms resting on the other’s hips. Both partners should then extend their right arms above the head, coming into the classic Warrior I.

Two people practicing the Partner Warrior I pose.

Partner Boat

The Partner Boat is perfect for introducing challenges to your routine. To get started, one person starts laying down on the back and lifts their legs up in the air. The second partner then wraps their arms around the first partner’s legs before lifting up into a seated Boat Pose. Be careful not to lift too much and strain either person’s neck. Both partners can follow their breath and then come back to the ground when done.

Partner Fish

The Partner Fish is a great backbend for two. One person starts in a supine position and has their feet flat against the floor. The other partner then stands behind the supine person with their feet spread apart, wide enough for their feet to meet the supine person’s feet. Then the standing person helps the supine person arch their back into the aquarium known as the Fish Pose. Both partners can hold this pose for as long as comfortable.

Two people practicing the Partner Fish pose.”></p>
<h2>Supine Bind</h2>
<p>The Supine Bind looks an attempt to create a human pretzel. If you’re feeling brave enough, both partners start by laying down and placing the right leg over the other partner’s right leg. The right arm passes by the partner’s head to the opposite shoulder and then wraps around the hip of the other person. After,<br />
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