Yoga Poses For 2 Easy

Yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to help with physical and mental wellbeing, as well as emotional balance. Doing yoga poses with partners can bring an even greater feeling of connectedness and joy. Here are 10+ Easy Two Person Yoga Poses to get you and your partner closer and more in sync.


Two people in a breathing exercise

Pranayam is a form of yoga that brings deep, conscious connection to the breath. Take turns inhaling deeply and then exhaling. Focus on how you can use the power of your breath to energize your body.

Mountain Pose

Another popular pose for two people is the Mountain Pose. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Maintain a tall spine and pointed crown with your chin parallel to the ground. Interlock your arms with your partner’s and stand with your legs spread. This pose requires balance and openness.

Reverse Warrior Pose

Two people in Reverse Warrior Pose

The Reverse Warrior Pose is perfect for partners who want to both stretch and open their hips. Start by standing in Column Pose side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder. Begin to reach one arm towards the sky while the other arm towards your partner’s, also reaching towards the sky. Lean your head back. The intention of this pose is to let go of your individual egos and be open to the idea of a two-person yoga practice.

Heron Pose

Two people in Heron Pose

The Heron Pose is a powerful balancing posture, which requires mutual support from your partner. Partner B stands in Tadasana with feet hip-width apart and arms in prayer position. Partner A then comes into Heron Pose and holds onto partner B’s hands. Focus on maintaining balance and holding the pose for as long as 10 breaths.

Dove Pose

Two people in Dove Pose

This relaxing partner yoga pose will bring you a great sense of calm. Stand facing each other, as close as possible. Reach your arms up towards each other and grab the appropriate elbows with each other. Lean back as far as you both can safely and comfortably go. Stay here for 5-10 breaths, connecting and exchanging the energy of your breaths with each other.

Tree Pose

Two people in Tree Pose

Tree Pose is both a balancing posture that helps increase focus while also giving you and your partner opportunity to enjoy a few laughs. Stand in a mountain pose or Column Pose facing each other, hand in hand. Step one of your feet up onto the other partners foot. Keep your spine straight and arms raised and press the palms of your hands together. As you steady your hips and bring awareness to your feet, you and your partner can enjoy the laughter of balancing in
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