Yoga Poses Easy

Kids may find Yoga intimidating but with the right approach, it could be an enjoyable experience for them. Studies have shown that Yoga helps improve flexibility, coordination and strength. It also helps kids with improved concentration, self-regulation and mindfulness. These are just some of the benefits in helping kids grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mountain Pose

A child in Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose is a great starting pose for kids. It encourages them to stand tall, while they connect their breath with movement. To achieve the pose, begin by standing up straight with feet slightly apart, feet and toes gently spread. As kids raise their arms up over their head, they can really stretch the whole body by pushing down into the feet and up towards the sky.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose is great for improving balance, flexibility, and focus. To start, bring the palms together at the center of the chest and keep your shoulders down. Then, place the right foot on the inner left thigh and balance the body, making sure to hold your arms in the same position. Kids can keep their eyes open or close them as they balance and stay in the pose for as long as it’s comfortable. Then repeat the pose for the other side.

Forward Bend

A child in Forward Bend Pose

Forward bend is an effective way to release stress and tension in the neck and shoulders, while also calming the mind. To do the pose, start by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulders-width apart and then gently fold your body towards the feet, keeping your knees and spine relaxed. Then bring your head down and reach your hands to the floor or the inner thighs. This pose helps to create a sense of stability and relaxation for the body and the mind.

Butterfly Pose

A child in Butterfly Pose

The Butterfly Pose is a great pose that helps improve flexibility in the hips and legs. To do the pose, start by sitting on the mat with feet in front, knees out to the sides, and the soles of the feet together. Then, slowly start folding the sides of the body towards the feet, and if possible, bring the forehead to the floor. While doing the pose, kids can focus on the sensation of the breaths going in and out, helping them to relax and focus more.

Corpse Pose

A child in Corpse Pose

The Corpse Pose is the perfect way to end any Yoga session. It helps release any energy left in the body, allowing kids to drift into a peaceful state of relaxation. To do the pose, have kid lay on their backs and close their eyes. Encourage them to keep their legs and arms slightly apart, with hands facing upwards. Kids can stay in the pose for as long as they feel comfortable.

Introducing kids to Yoga is a great way to teach them to be kind to their bodies and minds. With these Yoga poses, kids can find the balance they need while having fun doing it.

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