Yoga Poses During Periods

Menstruation can be physically tiring and emotionally draining. The period itself only lasts 6-7 days, but many women find themselves dealing with its discomfort far longer. Yoga was created centuries ago to help alleviate pain and promote relaxation; today, many women turn to therapeutic yoga poses to soothe menstrual cramps and reduce stress.

Extended Puppy Pose

figure of a person about to lay on the ground for an extended puppy pose

Extended Puppy Pose is a great way to open up your body and reduce cramps. Start by getting onto all fours, and slide your chest toward your thighs. If you don’t feel like you can lean your chest all the way onto your legs, that’s okay. Proceed by stretching your arms forward and allowing your forehead to relax onto the ground. Place your hands shoulder-length apart and keep your hips over your knees.

Squat Pose

Squat Pose is effortless and helpful in relieving lower back pain, which is a common symptom of menstruation. To properly get into the pose, begin by sitting down into a squat and pressing your elbows against your inner thighs. Point your toes out and keep your heels pressed evenly on the ground. If you’re having difficulty, place blocks or blankets underneath your ankles for more stability.

Butterfly Pose

figure of a person seated in butterfly pose

Butterfly Pose is a simple but powerful pose. Find a comfortable seat, and bring the soles of your feet together. Allow your knees to fall to either side, creating a diamond shape with your legs. Place your hands onto your feet and start to hinge your torso forward. Make sure to keep your spine long, creating a slight arch. Feel the stretch in your inner thighs and hip muscles.

Child’s Pose

figure of a person in child's pose

Child’s Pose is perfect for relieving tightness in the muscles and increasing circulation. Start by getting onto all fours, followed by bringing your shins together and lowering your hips towards your feet. Extend your arms forward, and rest your forehead onto the ground. Make sure to keep your lower back and neck relaxed.

Menstruation can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Practicing therapeutic yoga poses can bring you closer to feeling like yourself again. Different poses provide unique benefits, and it’s all about finding which one works best for you.

Therapeutic Yoga Poses for Menstruation