Yoga Poses Duo

Yoga is a great way to build strong physical, mental and spiritual health. Acro yoga is a powerful practice that combines the strength, flexibility and balance of yoga with acrobatics. Acro yoga increases physical strength, developed good communication and trust with other yogis and develops meditation and balance.

The Basic Pose

A woman standing on one leg with her other leg wrapped around her partners torso as she does a back bend.

The basic acroyoga pose is the two-person balance pose. This pose, also called the “flying human sandwich,” involves both partners holding each other, one in front and one in back, and simultaneously leaning forward and backward. This requires communication, trust and balance from both partners.

Preparing for the Pose

Before attempting the pose together, it is important to warm up together and learn the individual components of the pose. Individuals must practice backbends and forward folds, as well as balancing on one foot, before attempting the pose together. This intimate practice helps partners to connect and become familiar with each other’s bodies.

Core Strengthening

This pose requires a lot of core strength in order to support both partners. Both partners should practice core exercises such as planks and side planks to strengthen the core and back muscles required to perform the pose. The base partner should also focus on tightening their core while pushing into the floor.

Bringing the Pose Together

When both partners have the necessary strength, the base partner should assume the squatting position and then stand, keeping the core tight. The flyer partner will then gently wrap their legs around the waist of the base and lean forward, pressing into the hands of the base partner. When the flyer is in place and secure, the base partner can back out of the squat and stand, bringing both partners in balance. This technique also helps the flyer to become lighter, which in turn makes it easier for the base partner to hold them.

Increasing Balance and Connection

This pose usually requires practice and willingness from both partners. As the practice continues to deepen, the communication between the two partners becomes more important. They must learn to be sensitive to each other and to build trust as they build strength. This creates a strong connection between the two practitioners, deepening their trust, emotional and physical connection, and strength.

Acro yoga is a powerful practice that combines physical strength, flexibility and spiritual connection. This pose is an excellent way to gain strength, develop better communication and trust between practitioners and to increase overall balance. With trust and practice, physical connection and emotional balance will come.