Yoga Poses Clipart

Yoga is an amazing exercise that provides a lot of beautiful benefits to practitioners. Especially if you’re a beginner, yoga can be an extremely accessible and easy form of exercise. Having a visual resource is especially helpful, as it allows you to see the different postures and flow of motion involved in each of the poses. With that in mind, here are some beautiful yoga poses to give you an idea of what can be accomplished with practice.

Different Yoga Poses

An illustration of several yoga poses being completed

Yoga is a practice that focuses on postures and breathing exercises. While there are many different kinds of postures from beginner to advanced, some of the most common that you might come across in a class or tutorial include the Warrior posture, Tree posture, Bridge posture, Downward Dog posture, and Corpse posture.

The Warrior Pose

The Warrior postures are such an essential part of yoga as they help practitioners develop strength, flexibility and balance. This posture involves standing on one leg, with your arms out in front, and untucked from the side. The aim is to hold the posture for a few breaths as you downward gaze. Doing so takes a great deal of core strength and mindfulness.

The Tree Pose

An illustration of a woman completing the Tree Pose in yoga

An iconic posture of yoga is the Tree pose. As the name suggest, it looks like a tree. This posture requires practitioners to stand straight and place one foot either above or below their knee on the opposite leg. As with many yoga poses, you must hold the posture with your hands in a prayer-like gesture before your chest.

The Bridge Pose

An illustration of a woman completing the Bridge Pose in yoga

The Bridge pose is somewhat of a challenging posture for many people, but keep practicing and you’ll be able to do it with ease eventually. This pose involves lying on your back and then arching your hips towards the sky. You must hold this position while pressing the tops of your feet firmly against the floor.

The Downward Dog Pose

An illustration of a woman completing the Downward Dog Pose in yoga

Downward Dog is another iconic yoga posture. It begins with the body facing forward and your hands and feet planted firmly on the ground. Then you take a deep breath in, push your hips towards the sky, and move your body into an inverted ā€œVā€ shape. This pose helps to open up the upper body, release tension in the neck and shoulders, and provide strength and balance.

The Corpse Pose

An illustration of a woman completing the Corpse Pose in yoga

The Corpse pose is the finale of a yoga practice. This pose simply involves lying flat on the ground with your arms next to your body and your feet apart. It helps you relax after your practice and is a moment where practitioners can really center their energy.

As you can see, there are lots of beautiful yoga poses to explore and add into your practice. With time, energy and dedication you might be able to master some of the more challenging
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