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Are you living with a limited amount of space that still accommodates the need for gross motor activities? Perhaps there isn’t a great common space in your home, or you live in an apartment complex, or you’re traveling and staying in a small amount of square footage? Here are five great gross motor activities that you can do with a small space.


a person in the plank pose, balancing on hands and toes

Plank pose is a tremendous way to increase strength in the core. Simply lying in a prone position, use the toes and the palms of the hands to balance. If the person is strong enough, hold plank for five to ten breaths and even longer if you can!

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent aerobic and gross motor activity. It improves cardiovascular strength, enhances balance, and develops timing. The jump rope can be held by a partner and the person who is jumping can alternate with the partner and rotate similarly to a relay.


person bouncing on a trampoline

Trampolines can range greatly in size, but even the smallest trampolines accomplish the purpose of providing a great aerobic workout. This activity also improves balance, strength in the lower extremities, and coordination. Safety precautions need to be taken with trampolining and all activities.

Hula Hoop

person doing hula hoop exercise

Hula hoop exercises are great for improving strength, coordination, and balance. Hoops can range in size, can be weighted, and its a great activity for both children and adults. The hoop can be used in various ways to increase the challenge, as soon as the person is able to hoop without dropping the hoop every rotation.


person doing a yoga pose

Yoga is an excellent gross motor activity. Different yoga poses will develop coordination, strength, and balance. Depending on the person, yoga poses can give a challenging cardiovascular workout as well. Holding poses as they gain strength and balance can also promote mindfulness and relaxation.

No matter what the size of space is that you occupy, these five gross motor activities can still be achieved. If done regularly, these activities can greatly improve the strength and function of the person’s body, boost coordination and balance, and increase the body’s aerobic endurance. With the safety precautions taken for any activity, start adding these activities to your routine today!

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