Yoga Challenge Poses For 3

We are big advocates of yoga over here at, and today we want to go a step beyond some of our classic yoga poses and introduce you to the world of three-person yoga! There’s nothing like a bit of creative problem-solving when it comes to yoga, and this flow is definitely sure to give you a challenge.

Three people in a yoga pose Three-person Yoga Pose

Right off the bat, you can expect a whole host of novelties when it comes to this pose. It’ll likely be the first time that the three of you have ever tried anything of the sort, and getting in sync with each other’s movements is part of the challenge. Once you’ve all assumed the pose, you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company in a rather unique way.

One person sitting down, another leaning back and the third standing upside down Yoga Flip

Once you’ve mastered the initial three-person yoga pose, why not take it to the next level? You can try pulling off something a bit more daring and ambitious by standing one person upside down from the other two. Rely upon the support of your other two friends to stay in position and make sure you communicate with each other as best you can.

Three people in a yoga pose Yoga Teeter-Totter

If you’re looking for an even more complex three-person yoga pose, then we suggest the teeter-totter. While not for the feint of heart — both literally and figuratively — it’s sure to give you a great, unique rush. Getting the three of you in sync with each other while balancing precariously atop one another is easier said than done. Good luck!

These are just a few three-person poses to get you started. There’s no need to limit yourself to just these; feel free to explore and come up with your own thrilling combinations. Keep the communication between the three of you open, and you’ll all be golden. Go forth and rock it!

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