Yoga Challenge Poses For 2

Yoga is a great way to stay active and healthy. While it can be solo or engaging with many, the two-person yoga challenge poses offer a fun way to connect with a friend, loved one, or even a stranger. Combining different postures and movements, these poses can be as challenging or as easy as you choose.

Beginner Two Person Yoga Challenge Poses

Two people in casual green yoga pants and fitted white tank tops doing the double tree touch pose

The double tree touch pose is a perfect beginner two person yoga challenge. Each person starts by standing side by side, and then both partners bring their arms together in a hug, feeling the arms and shoulders press against each other. Next, the partner to the right lifts their right arm and wraps it around the back of their partner, hooking the right arm around their waist. Both partners should then lean in, while maintaining arm’s length distance between them.

Wheel Pose Challenge

The wheel pose challenge can be done by both beginners and more advanced practitioners. Start by having one partner stand up, and the other partner roll up into wheel pose. Both partners can then press their back against their partner’s, and lift their feet off the floor. This pose will require good balance and core strength from both partners.

Corpse to Wheel Challenge

Two people doing corpse to wheel challenge with one person lying on their back and the other in wheel pose

To up the intensity, the corpse to wheel challenge is the perfect two person yoga challenge. To start, one partner lies on the floor, while the other partner stands opposite to them. Then, both partners reach out and take the other person’s hand, while lifting their legs off the ground in wheel pose. Both partners can then press their attempted wheel pose into their partner’s attempted wheel pose to help keep each other stable.

Easy Straddle Stretch Challenge

Two people doing the straddle stretch challenge, back to back

Finally, the easy straddle stretch challenge is a great way to deepen your practice. To start, both partners stand back to back and reach out their hands to hold their partner’s hand. Then, both partners should lean back while each bending their knees until they can both go into a straddle. Both partners should keep reaching their arms out, and maintain the pose for a few breaths before releasing out of the pose.

Two person yoga challenge poses are a great way to have fun and expand your practice. As always with any yoga practice, please be cautious as you attempt each pose with your partner, and ensure that both partners are okay with the pose before entering.

Beginner Two Person Yoga Challenge Poses