Yoga Asanas Poses

Welcome to the world of warrior yoga poses! This particular style of yoga has been practiced around the world for centuries, and it’s totally accessible to people of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, you’ll appreciate the strength, power, and grace that warrior poses have to offer.

Warrior I

person in warrior I pose

The warrior I pose is a classic stance which requires you to stand tall with your feet in a wide stance. From this position you inhale, raise your arms over your head, then gently bend your front knee, taking care to ensure that your knee is never allowed to pass beyond your ankle with your back leg maintaining its straightness. Finally, engage the abdominal muscles, draw the shoulder blades downwards, and open the heart by gently pressing your shoulders away from your ears.

Warrior II

While the warrior I and II poses look the same from the back, they address different directions and different aspects of the body. To get into a warrior II, again start with your feet wide and parallel. From here, turn your right foot out, and your left foot in slightly and ensure you have a solid grounding where both feet are firmly planted on the ground. Then, with your arms stretched out on either side, inhale deeply and straighten and stretch the front of your body away from the back of your body.

Warrior III

person in warrior III pose

This particular pose engages the core in a big way, so getting it right is essential. Start by standing on your mat, keep your arms out and then, while engaging your abs, hinge at the hips and lower your torso until just your torso and arms remain in the air, like a bridge. All the while, continue to hold and stretch for 30 seconds, breathing deeply and evenly.

Warrior IV

person in warrior IV pose

Last but not least, the warrior IV pose. This particular pose helps to better your balance and is a powerful pose all round. To begin, stand in an open leg stance and then, while breathing deeply and evenly, slowly raise your arms out to the sides and at the same time, turn your torso towards the right. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. Keep your legs and abdominal muscles engaged and hold the pose for several breaths.

Practicing warrior yoga poses brings confidence and strength to anyone who practice them. Whether you’re interested in deepening your yoga practice or getting familiar with this particular style, we hope you find something special within these warrior poses.

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