Yin Yoga Poses For Hips

Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety in our busy lives. Yin Yoga can be especially relaxing as it combines poses with a peaceful environment and deep breathing. Yin Yoga is a type of yoga in which each pose is held for three to five minutes, allowing for a greater opening and stretching of our connective tissues. It is more meditative and gentle than other styles of yoga and is suitable for all levels. In this article, we will look at 10 client-favorite Yin Yoga poses to help melt away your stress.

1. Butterfly Pose

Illustration of Butterfly Pose

The Butterfly pose is a seated pose that helps to open up the hips and lower spine. To do this pose, sit on the mat with your legs in butterfly pose and your hands on your knees. You can bend a little forward at the hips if it feels comfortable or stay upright. Spend 3-5 minutes in this pose if you can.

2. Frog Pose

The Frog Pose is a great Yin Yoga pose when you are feeling a bit stuck or have any tightness in your hips or lower back. To do this pose, start by sitting in a Child’s Pose. Bring your hands to the inside of your feet. When you are ready, inhale and bring your right knee out to the right in a half frog position. Place your right hand on the floor behind you to give you better leverage and press your inner thigh towards the floor. Spend 3-5 minutes in this pose before changing sides.

3. Saddle Pose

Illustration of Saddle Pose

The Saddle Pose is a lovely flowy Yin Yoga pose that helps with the hips and lower back. To do this pose, start by laying on your back with your feet together and arms down by your sides. Bring your knees into your chest and then one leg over the other leg. This is the saddle pose. Stay here for 1-3 minutes and then switch sides.

4. Reclined Twist Pose

Illustration of Reclined Twist Pose

The Reclined Twist pose is a great pose to help with upper body and shoulder tension. To do this pose, lay on the mat on your back. Bring your knees into your chest and slowly cross one leg over the other, keeping your feet close to your hip and pressing your inner thigh to the floor. Raise your arms up to the sky and connect them at the palms together. Allow your body to twist to one side and spend 3-5 minutes in this pose before changing sides.

5. Child’s Pose

Illustration of Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is a great restorative yoga pose for relieving stress and tension. To do this pose, start from Tabletop Pose, lightly tuck your toes and push your butt back onto your heels as you lay your torso over your thighs. Rest your forehead on the floor and your arms alongside your body. Spend 3-5 minutes in this pose, focusing on the breath and allowing your body to completely relax.

6. Reclined Bound Angle

Illustration of Reclined Bound Angle

The Recl
10 Yin Yoga Poses To Melt Away Stress (For Beginners) – Brett Larkin Yoga