Void Utter Tongue Cd Hells Headbangers Charred Damned Walls

Void Meditation Cult is serving a menacing new brand of Outer Gods-induced blackened doom – a sound borne from some pocket of vast cosmic nothingness, their debut has had a massive impact since arriving on the extreme metal scene. Each track presents a skull splitting, insanity-inducing barrage of distorted, down-tuned guitar madness, combined with complex and engaging drum parts to create a ripping, crushing atmosphere that’s truly awe-inspiring.

The Orb of Darkest Sorcery

A man holds out his hand with an orb of dark force between his palm

The entrance of the debut track, “The Orb of Darkest Sorcery”, spells out the destruction that awaits. Its wicked riffs and drum leads fill each buzzing second with dizzying sensation, before it tears through the listener’s mind as distorted, shrieking madness. An atmosphere of apocalyptic dread and ceaseless, bleakly assault builds until the listener is emptied into submission. The doom-infused chorus lines only add to the sinister energy, possessing a malevolent energy that paints Void Meditation Cult as a powerful artillery of the Outer Gods.

Righteous Prayers to the Holy Throne

The second track, “Righteous Prayers to the Holy Throne”, carries a more traditional death metal structure, as opposed to the chaotic assault of “The Orb”. The mid-tempo groove and galloping drum patterns are reminiscent of classic death metal, with the riffs creating an oppressive atmosphere that slowly, yet mercilessly, builds up to a massive crescendo. The pace and fury of the breakdown sections are almost lethal, allowing the tempo to be further increased to an awe-inspiring frenzy.

Eater of Suns

A figure stands tall against blazing yellow and orange sky, hands spread in a sign of power

The last track, “Eater of Suns”, is an epic and powerful closer that combines elements of experimental death metal and black metal. The riffs here at are both exquisite and hauntingly intense, helping to create a dismal atmosphere of dread and despair. The drums create an ever-evolving wall of sound, making it all the more captivating and entrancing. At the peak of its intensity, the track breaks into an ambient interlude of trance-like atmosphere, before closing with the same muted power that it opened with.

Void Meditation Cult’s debut is a destructive and ominous offering of classic death metal, complete with an air of Outer Gods-induced chaos and dread. It demonstrates a refreshing approach to metal, with its mix of intense fury and atmosphere, even managing to evoke a darkly mesmerizing energy throughout its entirety. There’s no doubt that Void Meditation Cult will continue to evolve and grow, and with such a powerful debut, their future is bound to be filled with immense darkness.

The Gauntlet - Debut: Void Meditation Cult